About Eoghan

I wear several different hats on this blog, so it can come across as a bit of a jumble.

As far as work goes, I work in market research - my specialism is social media research, although I've dabbled in mobile and communities too. They're fascinating areas with a lot of work still to do.

I've been spending a lot of time recently reading about decision making processes - specifically the decision making process that occurs at the point of sale. Just what is it that prompts us to snatch up a crate of Carling rather than Carlsberg, or a box of Ariel rather than Persil? So far this is taking me on a voyage of discovery, from Descartes to behavioural economics to microeconomics to reading about visual stimuli to search engines. I have a little series of posts in the pipeline, the first two of which are here and here. Thanks in the main to Mark Earls's book I also pay particular interest in crowd behaviour and how we are influenced by those around us. I'm also into game theory...all leading back to decision making.

Or you might be here because you were reading a theatre review. My personal preference is for immersive, one-on-one and experimental theatre, particularly very visual, or physical theatre. Frantic Assembly, Ontroerend Goed, Biuro Podrozy, that sort of thing.

Maybe you're here because you stumbled across something I wrote about my local area: I live in Willesden Green but also have close ties to Camden.

Some other things that interest me:

The parallels between science and marketing. Walking and wild camping. Food: especially Middle Eastern, Indian and Vietnamese. Nuclear fusion - I firmly believe that fusion power will save the world - literally. Rough, raw, dirty Latin jazz. 20th century neo-classical music (especially Hindemith and Stravinsky) and Impressionist music (Debussy, Ravel). Dodgy bossa. Traffic modelling (I pay a very amateur interest!). Neighbourhood and intelligence-led policing (more of a professional interest here; I also pay a good deal of attention to how social media intelligence  - similar to the day job - can be used for policing purposes). Electoral reform: my days as a party political activist are behind me, but this remains a crucial issue for me. Films: worryingly, many of my all-time favourite films feature a lonely and/or perverted protagonist: Perfume, Hallam Foe, Lost in Translation, Amelie, Closer - I hate to think what this says about me. And so on...

So this blog is really just a dumping ground for all the poor thoughts that I have which nobody wants to listen to, so I can give them a good home. If you want to contact me, then feel free!

Welcome aboard...

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