About Eoghan

I wear several different hats on this blog, so it can come across as a bit of a jumble.

I'm a big fan of theatre - especially immersive, one-on-one and experimental theatre, particularly very visual, or physical theatre: Frantic Assembly, Ontroerend Goed, Biuro Podrozy, that sort of thing.

Maybe you're here because you stumbled across something I wrote about my local area: until 2015 I lived in Willesden Green but have just moved to south London.

Some other things that interest me:

The parallels between science and marketing. Walking and wild camping. Food: especially Middle Eastern, Indian and Vietnamese. Nuclear fusion - I firmly believe that fusion power will save the world - literally. Rough, raw, dirty Latin jazz. 20th century neo-classical music (especially Hindemith and Stravinsky) and Impressionist music (Debussy, Ravel). Dodgy bossa. Traffic modelling (I pay a very amateur interest!). Electoral reform: my days as a party political activist are behind me, but this remains a crucial issue for me. Films: worryingly, many of my all-time favourite films feature a lonely and/or perverted protagonist: Perfume, Hallam Foe, Lost in Translation, Amelie, Closer - I hate to think what this says about me. And so on...

So this blog is really just a dumping ground for all the poor thoughts that I have which nobody wants to listen to, so I can give them a good home. Welcome aboard...

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