Tuesday 13 July 2010

More Edinburgh Festival 2010 tips

A few more shows that have come to my attention over the last couple of weeks in the 2010 Fringe:

Metamorphosis (Belt Up) - C Soco
Beautiful Burnout (Frantic Assembly/National Theatre of Scotland) - Pleasance
Roadkill - Traverse
Freefall (Corn Exchange Theatre Co) - Traverse
Cirque de Legume - Gilded Balloon

I've only seen one Frantic Assembly production (Stockholm) which was excellent, and have meant to see other things; reviews are consistently good. Meanwhile, Aurora Nova may be no more, but Wolfgang Hoffman started up Aurora Nova Productions in 2009. They are producing Cirque de Legume; if it's good enough for Hoffman, it's good enough for me.

I know I mentioned other shows previously, but just so I can see them in one handy place, these are the other things that appeal to me:

Sub Rosa - Remarkable Arts
Ballet Work No 1020 - Traverse
Jack the Knife - Assembly
Teenage Riot (Ontroerend Goed) - Traverse
Decky Does A Bronco (Grid Iron) - Traverse
En Route - Traverse
The Girl in the yellow Dress - Traverse
Apple - Traverse
no child - assembly
Tripod vs The Dragon - Assembly
Pajama Men - Assembly
Camille O'Sullivan - Assembly

I'll keep adding to that list as I hear about things. Wallet constraints mean that I'll need to be selective, unfortunately! If anyone hears of any freebies/cheapies (not likely, given that I won't be up until the 21st), then let me know...x

PS I still have to take issue with prices. Almost everything is more expensive than in London; this should not be.

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